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Most manufactureres stocked: Brawa, Fleischmann (including Magic Train), Liliput, Lima, Roco, Trix etc.

Bemo, D&L, STL
Bemo, Liliput, Narobahn, Roco, Stangel

Most manufacturers stocked including: Arnold, Fleichmann, Hobbytrain, Minitrix, Roco etc. Also kits, figures and catenary

Marklin including C Track
British OO:Bachmann, Heljan, Hornby, Lima , Lawrence Scale coaches + other manufacturers. White Metal Kits.
N: Bachmann, Dapol Peco
O: Dapol, DJH,Heljan, kit built, Lionheart, MTH, Parkside Dundas, etc
 Endo, Kato, Tomix,Samhongsa (brass)
Kato, Microace, Tomix
HO:Athearn, Atlas, Blueline, Broadway, Walthers, Precision, Proto 2000, Rivarossi, Fox Valley, MTH, Lionel etc
HOn3 and  Brass-  
Atlas, Hallmark, Intermountain, Lifelike, Kato, Microtrains, Overland, Roundhouse, Red Caboose
Blackstone, Precision Scale and Microtrains
Bachmann Spectrum, Plasticville Building Kits
USA S ScaleThe Show Cae Line, Fast Track Trains, Pacific Rail Shops, River Raisin,Rusti Model Rail
AB Modell-Team, ModellbahnBau Thorfeld, Railino
Marklin European and American
Tillig, Berliner Bahn, Roco, New Stock Just In
Elletren, Fulgurex, Goldbeck, Lenz, Metropolitan
***Just Added:
British O and US O***
Om ScaleFama, Kiss Roco Alpine Line
LGB , Kiss RhB Te2/2 plus USA and Chinese.
Locos, rolling stock and Buildings
Kibri, Pola, Faller and Walthers Building Kits (As new), Weinert White Metal Kits, Brekina, Busch,Herpa, Preiser, Wiking and Marklin Vehicles,
Just In: 1:76 White Metal Kits: Langley, Springside and Scaledown Models/Doug Roseaman Engineering
We have in stock Fleischmann HO Profi track N Picallo track, Kato Unitrack,Marklin C track, Tillig Elite Track, Trix Set track and RocoLine . For HOm track look on the HOm page.