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Most manufactureres stocked: Brawa, Fleischmann (including Magic Train), Liliput, Lima, Roco, Trix etc.

Bemo, D&L, STL
Bemo, Liliput, Narobahn, Roco, Stangel -we now have a selection of items im stock.

Most manufacturers staocked including: Arnold, Fleichmann, Hobbytrain, Minitrix, Roco etc.

 Endo, Kato, Tomix,Samhongsa (brass)
Kato, Microace, Tomix
HO:Athearn, Atlas, Blueline, Broadway, Walthers, Precision, Proto 2000, Rivarossi, Fox Valley, MTH, Lionel etc
HOn3 and  Brass-  **SPRING SALE 20% off all US HO coaches until 31st March 2019**
Atlas, Hallmark, Intermountain, Lifelike, Kato, Microtrains, Overland, Roundhouse, Red Caboose
Blackstone, Precision Scale and Microtrains
Bachmann Spectrum
USA S ScaleThe Show Cae Line, Fast Track Trains, Pacific Rail Shops, River Raisin,Rusti Model Rail
AB Modell-Team, ModellbahnBau Thorfeld, Railino
Marklin European and American
Tillig, Berliner Bahn, Roco, New Stock Just In
Elletren, Fulgurex, Goldbeck, Lenz, Metropolitan, Micrometekit Includes Brass On30 and British O Scale.
Om ScaleFama, Kiss Roco Alpine Line
LGB , Kiss RhB Te2/2.
Locos, rolling stock and Buildings
Kibri, Pola, Faller and Walthers Building Kits (As new)
We have in stock Fleischmann HO Profi track N Picallo track, Marklin C track Trix Set track and RocoLine . For HOm track look on the HOm page.